Typical morning, bathroom, breakfast, si⁹ster driving me to airport. While waiting for check-in flight to Belgrade was delayed half an hour. After security and passport control I had time to spend. Went for cigarette, toilet and sat a bit.

We borded small propeler ATR 72-600 ALX airplane. Now it was flight time, short, less then 1 hour, 2nd row, empty seat next to me, short leg space. Tbey served small bottle of water and legendaty Plazma cookies.

Ljubljana-Belgrade-Athens 1

For connecting flight to Athens I didn’t need another security check but still control at gate, boarding by rows. There I ate homemade sandwich, had a cigarette (just one area on whole airport) and sat a bit. Because of first flight delay I didn’t need to wait long to board, but we waited for some pasangers on plane.

Next flight was similar, but bigger jet plane A320-200 APO with better leg space, and service, got water and cookies, bought Zaječar beer and cookie 5 €. For both flights from Ljubljana over Belgrade to Serbia by AirSerbia I paid 125€.

Ljubljana-Belgrade-Athens 2

On arrival it was time to move to the city with metro to Stigma station, 16 € return ticket. Because delay missed first train.

Ljubljana-Belgrade-Athens 3

From station short walk to AirBnB, but I continued to Acropolis museum, 25 €, just got there in time. Good choice to renew knowledge on Greek history before next they visit. Hostorical progres, meni statues, acropolis setup, movie. Teracce with view.

Ljubljana-Belgrade-Athens 4

Finally got to AirBnB, the Cave 45 €, basment, good location, clean, many amneties, like wine and cake.

Ljubljana-Belgrade-Athens 5

It was time for dinner, walked aroun touristic part, many shops, restaura ts, street performers, homeless, .. Finally found somthing cheap, gyros litta for 2.5 €. Back to room to finish wine.

Ljubljana-Belgrade-Athens 6

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