Ghent – Brugge – Brussels

I woke up at 8 AM, took a shower, packed, ate breakfast.

Ghent - Brugge - Brussels 1

With helpful receptionist I printed ticket for my next ride and from there I went around town.

Ghent - Brugge - Brussels 2

First, it was De Dulle Griet at Vrijdagmarkt 50. You put one of your shoes as a deposit for a beer glass. Too bad, it was closed but I could see the place.

Ghent - Brugge - Brussels 3

I bought souvenirs 2,5 €, sweets called gentse neuzekes 5 € and some pomes frites with mayonnaise 2,5 €.

Ghent - Brugge - Brussels 4

Then I walked to Groentemarkt, Korenmarkt (Sint-Jacobskerk where Stefaans father had a place at church market).

Ghent - Brugge - Brussels 5

Followed by Graslei with the view and coffee 2,2 €,  Het Gravensteen castle, Peperstraat were Stefaan home was.

Ghent - Brugge - Brussels 6

With #1 tram 1,3 € I went to the train station and from there to Brugge with a train for 6,5 €.

Ghent - Brugge - Brussels 7

The train had a panorama window and one could see farms and Friesian cows.

Ghent - Brugge - Brussels 8

There I went around town (Stadhuis, Markt, Burg, Belfort, Rozenhoedkaai, Spanjaardstraat, Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk),  to shop 2 €, coffee 3 €, souvenir 0,3 €.

Ghent - Brugge - Brussels 9

The little town would be beautiful but with a mass of tourists, it was ugly. So I took a train to Brussels’ – north station for 8 €. 2 € I spent in the shop, I walked from the botanical garden to Louis.

Ghent - Brugge - Brussels 10

The Metro cost 2,1 € and the last part I walked to Maarten. He was my first couch-surfing host. He also hosted 2 french girls, that brought apple dessert. Later we listened to some LP of Jaques Brel, Maarten played Pink Panther on contrabass. I went to bed at 1 AM.

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