From Matmata over berber country to Djerba

I got up early, had no shower because of the cold water (I should have done it in the evening), and ate a good breakfast. Now it was time to go on a tour with guys from the previous night before and Korean woman and a Finnish man. It cost me 60 €. On our way, we stopped many times, for views, at Berber village (cilim-rug, honey, cristals; old stone houses). We also stopped at a few places where Star Wars was filmed (Tataouine, typical houses). In the end, we had lunch, 1/4 grilled chicken, fries, salad, bread, and harissa.

From Matmata over berber country to Djerba 1

They left me at Medenine and I took louage to Djerba, 8 TDN=2.4 €. From the station at Djerba Medulin to the 5-star Radisson Blu Hotel 75 € I took a taxi 6 TDN=1.8 €. After showering I went to the spa, relaxing in the pool and sauna.

From Matmata over berber country to Djerba 2

In the evening I went for a beer, 7.5 TND= 2.3 €. In one bar they tried to charge 4 times more. So I changed bar and watched there an NBA game. Most guests were locals, some live music, a lot of cigarette smoke, nothing spectacular.

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