From Djerba to Tunis

I woke up and went for breakfast, a really good choice there. Now I went to the beach and tried the water, it was very cold. I got into the pool inside to warm up. I finished my packing and checked out, paid 50 TND =15 € tax and beer. With a taxi, I moved to the airport, 15 TND=4.5 €.

I was early at the airport, some confusion there when searching the gate for a domestic flight. After all the waiting flight was delayed for 2 hours. And when that ended additional 3 hours more. I smoked many cigarettes and bought a chocolate bar and water for 13 TND=4 €. Finally, I got on the plane tired and hungry. But at least the plane was empty, I could stretch and sleep on this short flight by TunisAir Express, 50 €. I had to turn off my phone.

From Djerba to Tunis 1

In Tunis, I took a taxi (Bolt) for 10 TND=3 € to hotel Maison Blanche, 50 €, with a big room but not a real 5-star. Everything was closed at that time so I went to bed hungry.

From Djerba to Tunis 2

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