Crvena jabuka at Orto fest 2024

With my sister, I went to a concert by Crvena jabuka at Orto Fest 2024. This is the 24th festival organized by Orto Bar, unique in this region. This was a trip down memory lane, back to childhood in the 80’s. I paid 24 € per ticket. I came home late and we went out after lunch and a short rest. Sister first drove her husband to the city center and then we continued to Orto bar. A short search was needed to find a parking lot. Cigarette before entering, changing tickets for bracelets, cloakroom, and bar (6 €).

The band passed us and climbed the stage at 9 pm. We found a spot with a good view. They started slowly and built up the atmosphere constantly. Žera has been the only band member from the start for almost four decades. With the same hairstyle and color of his voice, he was recognizable. His voice’s strength was not what it used to be but the crowd would fill up where he would rain out of air. Also with tone, they had slight problems. For song Dirlija he played keyboards, which was his first role in the band. He persuaded the drummer to take his shirt off. 400 fans enjoyed every tone. After 2 hours they ended the concert.

We moved back toward the bar, They came to encore for a few more songs. There we talked a bit with Varja in Marko, we worked together in MAOP 20 years ago. Now it was time for me to drive home.

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