Slovenia:Italy handball, Kodeljevo-Slovan

Lazy Sunday, first thing in afternoon a walk to Rožnik hill with Andreja. After one drink back down and to Daktari to meat Gregor and his family. Vacation talk.

Slovenia:Italy handball, Kodeljevo-Slovan 1

Finally I moved to Kodeljevo, arena of Slovan. I trained handball there 35 years ago, watched Krim play 25 years ago and Slovan 15 years ago. Today it was game for women qualifiers for EURO 2024. I was a bit late, because of parking. When I arrived, home team was in lead 2:1. Some 350 people gathered, even 15 Italians.

Slovenia:Italy handball, Kodeljevo-Slovan 2

Slovenian girls were much better, stronger, faster. I didn’t often see so onesided gane.  They finished first half 22:11. I forgot how violent this sport is. At the begining of second half two slovenian players got 2 minutes penalty and lead was then less then 10 goals. After that was finished lead increased. Final result was 35:21 and Slovenia was confiremed participant of EURO 2024. Talked to Blaž and Ɓlaž on my way to car.

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