Central Asia day #7-Dushanbe to Samarkand

Again I woke up first, showered, and had breakfast. Boštjan joined me and we went around the city center, mosque, flag pole, and statues. We returned with a trolleybus, 3 TJS-0.3 €. Went to the coffee shop, fresh orange juice 40 TJS-3.4 €, cigarettes 23 TJS-2€, biscuits 12 TJS-1 €.

Central Asia day #7-Dushanbe to Samarkand 1

After packing we went by bus 3a to the station. There we took a shared taxi, 300 TJS-25.7 € for both. I sat in the back in the middle, hell for my back. We stopped soon for prayer and lunch, shashlik 2x with tea 65 TJS-5.6 €. Now into the hills, again pass over 2.000 m.

Central Asia day #7-Dushanbe to Samarkand 2

We arrived at the Tajik-Uzbekistan border 4 hours later. Confusing border passing, singing. Bus hunting to Samarakand, 50k UZS-4 € to center in small van. We arrived in Registan, nice at night lit by the moon. Continued to hostel Muborak, 600k UZS-48€ 2 nights both, room just for us. Beer on our way 25k UZS-2 €.

Central Asia day #7-Dushanbe to Samarkand 3

After a bit of relaxing and a call home, it was time to make plans for trains. Again we went around town and after washing our clothes we went early to bed.

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