Bukaleta in Betiga

Bukaleta was my choice of restaurant for tonight. I came to close the apartment in Barbariga for this season (water, electricity, …) and I just arrived in the evening. I didn’t want to wrap up in established cities, and I hadn’t been to Bukaleta for at least 15 years. The parking lot was fairly busy, although the main season was long over. The terrace in this place is nicly equiped and has a beautiful view of the distant sea. Unfortunately, there are more and more buildings that are slowly closing the view.

Bukaleta in Betiga 1
Bukaleta – orada

I order a portion of sea bream, for the side dish there was potatoes with Swiss chard. I also ordered a tomato salad. Ožujsko pivo was there to quench my thirst. I was served fast enough, they forgot to bring a salad. The plate was nicely arranged. The fish was delicious and well baked. The chard with potatoes was also good, but I would have a slightly larger portion. The tomatoes in the salad were cut into pieces for decoration.

Bukaleta in Betiga 2

After the main course, I was still a little hungry and at the suggestion of the waitress I took something sweet. I chose tiramisu. It was served nicely. The piece itself was a bit out of shape and the biscuits were a little soggy, but it was still delicious.

Dinner in the end costed me almost € 40 with a tip. Slightly too much for what was offered. The quality of the food is good, nicely presented, the staff is friendly, the terrace is a nice place for lunch, I would like a bit larger portion.

POP DESIGN – Ne bom ti lagla

While I was having dinner alone, I had time to listen to what was going on at adjacent tables. First one was about fishing stories. Another served up a more exciting debate. The couple debated a song from Pop Design about the verse “Vedno na koncu sta dve poti, izbereš pa tisto, ki je ni”. What the text means, does it makes sense, even the slightly harsher words were said towards the end.

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