Buffalo in Vodnjan

I was cleaning up all day in Barbariga and I was already hungry. In the evening I was engaged in Lovrečica, so I decided to drive to Vodnjan and eat something there. I chose Pizza & BBQ Buffalo, where I have eaten several times and always have been satisfied. They even have their own parking lot at the end of a large municipal one. I got one of the last tables in the garden. Here they are known for their grills and pizzas. I have tried both already and I was satisfied.

Buffalo in Vodnjan 1
Buffalo – menu

Since I will probably drink something in the evening, I decided on a big piece of meat, a ribeye. In the end I got a nice piece of meat that was prepared medium and soft and very tasty. Next to it were french fries and BBQ sauce. I’m not usually a fan of this sauce, but this time the sweet taste just was OK. Along I ordered Istrian beer to clear my throat.

Buffalo in Vodnjan 2
Buffalo – rib eye

In the end, I paid with a tip just over € 25. The food was delicious and in sufficient quantity. The waiter was accommodating. The garden was nicely set up, only the flies were annoying. If you want meat delicacies or pizzas in Vodnjan, this is the right address.

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