Barbarella – juice bar

Barbarella was today’s option for salad. You can find them on Slovenska street 38, walking distance from office. They also have another locattion at market, one studio, books, catering, … In last 5 years owner Barbara Radojlovič dedicted her effort to provide local, organic, plant based food.


I chose Waldorf salad (lettuce, carrots, apple, stem celery, sun-dried tomatoes in oil, vegan parmesan, gluten-free croutons with creamy dressing with capers, soy milk, mustard seeds, cashews). I took it with me even there is nice place to sit inside and in warm weather few chairs outside.

barbarella salad, solata salata
barbarella salad

On arrival to office I mixed salad and dressing and dug in. Salad was really tasty and I enjoyed it, also portion was suitable. For this meal I paid 10 € (with bag 0,5)

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