Tropicana – pizza and grill place

There are a couple of restaurants in Barbariga where you can eat. A typical representative of a coastal restaurant in Croatia would be Tropicana. It is located in the ‘central commercial center’, where there is a shop, reception, kiosk, and bars. There is a parking lot next to it, which can be filled quickly.

Service is only on the terrace where there are wooden benches and tables. The offer includes classics such as pizzas, fried meals (steaks, squid, cheese), and grilled dishes (roast beef, rump steak, kebabs). The prices here are reasonable, the portions are concrete, and the gastronomic experience is suitable for this type of place.

Tropicana - pizza and grill place 1

I take refuge when it’s too hot to cook and I’m too lazy to drive anywhere further. In any case, most often my order is a portion of ćevapi, it can satisfy your hunger and the taste is not bad. I’m not exactly thrilled about the pizza here. If I take something better, I take a roast beef. Definitely, if you’re at the beach and would eat something once you’ve already gone to the store you’ll probably stop here.

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