Vse dobro in Ljubljana

Vse dobro was the choice for today’s brunch with Lojze. He is a frequent guest here and at his suggestion we decided on a lighter and healthier diet. The restaurant is at Miklošičeva 22 (tel: 031 261 785; open during the week between 08:00 and 16:00). There are 5 chairs by the bar, a couple of tables next to it and additional tables upstairs. There are two employees behind the bar, pleasant and talkative. The menu offers breakfasts, soups, veggie burgers, Thai curry, sandwiches, pies, salads, desserts and salad bowls

Vse dobro in Ljubljana 1

I opt for a warm salad bowl, which is based on cooked rice, and is accompanied by salmon, soybean patty, coleslaw with red cabbage, fresh spinach, various seeds-toasted, guacamole, lime wedge, cayenne pepper, sauce, sweet potato, cheese and many other things. Similar to bibmbap Asian dishe. The meal was an interesting set of flavors, a big enough portion and I wasa quite satisfied in the end. This healthy meal costed me €9.80.

Vse dobro in Ljubljana 2

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