TENET – movie

After a while, we agreed to go to the movies. We picked Tenet, the last creation form Nolan. We watched it at the KINO BEŽIGRAD theater, with a nice bar that reminds of old diners. Masks were on as we entered. A crowd in line for a beer. So we missed the first 30 seconds of the starting scene because there were no trailers before the movie?

As we sat down, it was already action time and in a fast rhythm. They kept the same pace for the whole movie. It caught the viewer’s eye and it doesn’t let you go until the end. Visually the movie was delightful. Music added to the intensity of the experience. The effects and revered scenes were mind-blowing. In between they put bits of the story. It is hard to follow the story while so much is happening around. I would say it was on purpose. Because there are some holes and inconsistencies in the story. Maybe after watching it for the second time it would make more sense. But nevertheless, the movie is worth seeing in the theater for the visual part if not for anything else.

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