End of summer – Dvorni bar

I didn’t saw Andreja and Katka during the summer. We finally make an appointment to meet on Friday at the center after work at the end of the summer. Of course, I was the first to arrive at Prešeren Square. Andrej soon joined me. In the context of the end of the summer, we were looking for a place with a garden with the last rays of the sun. On Petkovškov nabrežje, all the tables are occupied, and after a few minutes of waiting, we despair and moves to the other bank. We finally find something on Cankarjev nabrežje. For half an hour we got some rays at Pop’s place. We sat down and order when Katka showed up (beer and 2x bevandas; € 15). Everyone tells what they did over the summer. In the meantime, we exchanged souvenirs from our trips. But soon the sun sets and it is quite cold. We decided to move and head to the Dvorni Bar. There the conversation resumes. We opt for Cabernet sauvignon from Colja. Every now and then it was time for a shot (viliams, quince or apricot).

End of summer - Dvorni bar 1

We also took care of hunger. We ordered fries, tempura, and tartare. The portions are quite large and delicious. When we run out, they bring us some extra toast. Enjoying drinks and eating is interrupted by short breaks with a walk for a cigarette. Time is running fast and we are already facing the fact that we have to order the last bottle at 22:30. The last hour passes even faster and it’s time to leave the bar and say goodbye (50 € per person). We leave the bar tired but happy. Enthusiastic about the meeting again, we are already made arrangements for the next event, dinner 3 weeks later at the JB restaurant within Restaurant Week. I was on my way home by taxi (6 €).

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