Maslina in Vodnjan

From Barbariga we drove to Vodnjan, 15 minutes ride. We were looking for a place to eat. We found the Maslina inn online, which has good reviews. There is a large paid parking lot right next to the inn. Coins are needed for the payment. Because we didn’t have them, we told ourselves we will exchange them at the inn. Of course, we forget and get a fine of 100 HRK, with a commission of payment via online banking it cost us 20 EUR.

The inn itself is nice. Here, too, is a large garden that can accommodate larger groups. We sat down somewhere in the shade. The waitress warned us in advance that we have arrived at a time when it is crowded and we will be waiting a little longer. They are friendly and brought water for the dog.

Maslina in Vodnjan 1

For starters, we took octopus in a salad. A surprise awaits us here. In fact, it is an ordinary salad plate (lettuce, tomato, …) on which an octopus is placed. Even the octopus itself is not soft enough.

Maslina in Vodnjan 2
grilled squid

I had grilled squid as my main dish. Next to it was chard with potatoes. The food is delicious, maybe there could be some more potatoes with chard.

Maslina in Vodnjan 3
fried squid

She had fried kalamari with baked potatoes and tartar sauce and was quite happy.

With the drink in the end the whole bill was around 300 HRK. Afterward, we went for a walk around the city, which is enchanting with its narrow streets and medieval touch.


With Edin we were in Barbariga for season opening. We edre hungry and arrivef here. Again big group in side and we had to wait.

Maslina in Vodnjan 4

He was satisfied with fried kalamary, big portion. I had sea bream with chard and potatoes, tasty. But two things, didn’t get plate for bones and I got mayo on side?

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