Drive-in movie theater Ljubljana

In Ljubljana, we got our first drive-in movie theater. It tried to revive the 50’s and 60’s in the USA when there were more than 4000 of those theaters. It was established by Kino Bežigrad. Its premier show was on Saturday, the 19th of May 2018. Almost 85 years since June 6, 1933, when the first, permanent drive-in theater opened in Camden, NJ. Now day celebrate National Drive-in Day on June 6th of each year.

Drive-in movie theater Ljubljana 1
parking lot

We heard about it by chance and we registered for tickets but they run out of them. We were on the waiting list and they called us last they that someone has canceled. It was located in the parking lot in front of Center Vič, with 70 places. If you arrive early you get a better position. There was a big party before the screening. We got free drinks, live rockabilly music was on, pin-up queen Sara Jagodič showed up. We even got a gift, a blanket.

Drive-in movie theater Ljubljana 2

The ticket for two-person and a car was 11 € (4€ person, 3 € car). But it was 3 of us in the end, me, Andreja and Vesna. Grease was a movie that we saw. Classic with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John as Danny and Sandy. We all sat in the front row of the car. For sound, they told us the frequency on which they aired sound and we tuned in on the radio. On roller skates, waitresses would bring us drinks, popcorn, and burgers that we ordered on the phone.

Drive-in movie theater Ljubljana 3

It was a nice experience, something new, but nostalgic. They had a few technical difficulties after the break of screening, but nothing catastrophic. I would probably go again. We didn’t want to end the night early so we went to Žmauc.

Drive-in movie theater Ljubljana 4

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