Sesto Calende is a town and comune located in the province of Varese, in the Lombardy region of northern Italy. It is at the southern tip of Lake Maggiore, where the Ticino River starts to flow towards the Po River.

Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy

Week in Italy 2021

Italy is a beautiful destination. While in the year 2021 I had still many off days I decided to spend a week there. Ryanair had a cheap flight from Zagreb to Rome (13 €)....

Laggo Maggiore, Italy

Sesto Calende-lago Maggiore

Gerla left for Brasil at 3 am so it was just us, men. After breakfast, we went to carwash and coffee 11€, saw some nice nature. Cigarettes, 18 €. We returned back to put...

Duomo, Milano, Italy

Genova, Milan and Sesto Calende

Had a few hours of sleep. With my roommate we walked uphill, a good view but I am not sure it was worth it. Back to the station and ticket to Milan 17 €....