Genova, Milan and Sesto Calende

Had a few hours of sleep. With my roommate we walked uphill, a good view but I am not sure it was worth it. Back to the station and ticket to Milan 17 €. I had to spend two hours in the city. Ate at a burger king 10 €. Moved to the center with the metro, had a beer for 7 €. Bought a clean t-shirt and underwear for 30 €. The train took me further to Sesto Calende to meet with Antonio.

Genova, Milan and Sesto Calende 1

He picked me up at the station and we walked to his house, I bought a jacket on the way, 30 €. At his place Gerla and Dejan. was there Later some of their friends join for dinner; pizza, salad, and tiramisu. Later went to bed with Godfather of Harlem on TV.

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    […] Genova-Milan-Sesto Calende […]

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    […] Genova-Milan-Sesto Calende […]