Sesto Calende-lago Maggiore

Gerla left for Brasil at 3 am so it was just us, men. After breakfast, we went to carwash and coffee 11€, saw some nice nature. Cigarettes, 18 €. We returned back to put my clothes to dry and back out again.

Sesto Calende-lago Maggiore 1
Lago Maggiore

In Sesto Calende we walked around the city center by the river Ticino, searched for a train toy. No luck, but we got a beer, 11€. For lunch, we had pasta with pesto and a special kind of vegetable.

Sesto Calende-lago Maggiore 2
Monte Rosa

Next, we moved by car to Arona, a nice town by the lake. The last stop was Baveno, another town by the lake. After walking by the coast, we sat in a bar and enjoyed the view of pink mountains in the sunset with a beer.

It was time to return home. Antonio prepared soup with vegetables for dinner and some nice bread with cheese accompanied by great white wine. I fell asleep while watching Netflix.

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