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Qatar is a peninsular Arab country whose terrain comprises arid desert and a long Persian (Arab) Gulf shoreline of beaches and dunes. Also on the coast is the capital, Doha, known for its futuristic skyscrapers and other ultramodern architecture inspired by ancient Islamic design, such as the limestone Museum of Islamic Art. The museum sits on the city’s Corniche waterfront promenade.

rabbit, maldives


After breakfast we went to a beach bar, rabbits running around, had coconut (25 MVR). The rain started so we went to the hotel to take a shower, pack and watch TV before checkout....

qatar airlines

Flight to Sri Lanka

After not much sleep I had breakfast, sister took me to station for GoOpti ride (11€/person, Danijela got some discount). We were late for 7:30 departure because my sister took ‘shortcut’ through the tunnel....

elevator, Fužine, Ljubljana


Finally flight at 0:30. The airplane is half empty so I spread out on 3 seats. I order a beer and fall asleep. After arriving in Doha, I head to duty-free, changing the remaining...

room, Kuala Lumpur, Malysia

Doha-Kuala Lumpur

At 1:30 we had a flight from Doha. While waiting we almost miss a flight because boarding was much earlier due to the long bus ride to the plane, 15 min. I drank 4x...

Doha airport


After a full and sleepless night (2:00 am I come home from a farewell party, pack up and comb my hair by 4am) at 7:30 I got up and had breakfast. Sara and Ana...