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frozen canal, amsterdam, netherlands

Speedy Benelux in 6 days

Trips around Europe are now dedicated to visiting friends around. When I saw a flight to Amsterdam for 58 € with Transavia it was decided. I planed to circle around Benelux. So all towns...

sun, amsterdam, netherlands

Back in Amsterdam

I woke at 4 AM, tried to go back to sleep with no luck. After breakfast and cigarette, it was time to return to Amsterdam, filling the tank before returning car 47 €. We...

airport, amsterdam, netherlands


I tried to collect overtime during the week so I could leave work at 2 PM. I had my luggage with me so Gregor picked me up by taxi (30 €) and we were...

station Ljubljana, returning from Amsterdam

Amsterdam 2003

With friends (Sašo, Igor, Erik) we took a vacation in Amsterdam for 1 week. We traveled both ways with a train. First, we had to change the train in Villach. The next change was...