Last tuna for breakfast. Now followed some more narrow roads, tunnels (spiral tunnel at Horda), and snowy hilltops in the Austmannalia region. One more stop at the gas station, 47 €.

Skien 1

Tried a few camps and finally found one that was open, where I could take a shower, 3 €.

Skien 2

In Skien, I searched for a vacant barber (10 €).

Skien 3

Went for coffee late (5 €) before the shave.

Skien 4

Checked the Ibsen museum but it was closed.

Skien 5

It was time to go to maximum security prison Telemark, Skien, and visit a friend. After the security procedure, we sat down for a coffee and spoke for 3 hours before it was time to leave.

Skien 6

On my way, I tried Mcdonald’s (14 €) and had Redbull (6 €) not to sleep at wheel.

Skien 7

In the suburbs of Oslo, I took a 4-bed room in a hostel (69 €), unpacked, and went to bed.

Skien 8

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