With family, we went out together for a late lunch. We picked the restaurant Saraj with traditional Bosniac cuisine. We arrived around 18h and sat in the garden while we had a dog with us. The air was humid and the dog was irritated by sparrows, but otherwise, I enjoyed the open-air feeling. Enzo was our waiter, we go way back.

Saraj 1

After checking the menu we ordered Enzo to prepare a mixed plate for 5 people. In the end, it was a great festival of meat dishes. Probably we got 60% of dishes on their menu on our table. There were:

  • Teletina ispod sača – Veal cooked in a sač with a garnish
  • Jagnjetina na ražnju – Lamb roasted on a spit
  • Ćevapi – minced meat rolls
  • Suđukice – sarajevo beef spicy sausage
  • Špikana pljeskavica – studded beefburger
  • veal steak
  • chicken steak
  • Šareni burek – meat & potato pie
  • Somun/lepinja – flatbread
  • Kajmak – clotted cream,
  • Ajvar – side dish from roasted peppers
  • Šopska salata – a salad made from tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers, cheese
  • fresh cabbage salad
  • fried peppers with garlic
  • fresh onion

After 2 hours of slowly cutting through all of the meat we capitulated before we even tried burek, so we took it home. We were too full for their great dessert. After coffee and cigarette, it was time to leave. For 5 people with all of the food and drinks and tip, it was 120 €. Another place I will enjoy returning to.

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