Figovec is one of the oldest inns in Slovenia’s capital. The first edition of inn existed back then when the USA was becoming a nation, 1776. It was a place where Prešeren was hanging around in the 19th century. In 1951 original building was demolished because of traffic needs and the inn was moved bit further to a location where it is now. In high school, I remember we went there for a beer and listen to older guys singing a Cappella before moving on to a NY party in K4. Some 5 years ago management changed and they try to sell curry there. It flopped quickly. The last owner (Slovenska hiša) returned to the roots. Again you can find the traditional Slovenian cuisine. You can find here food that is typically eaten in Slovenia on Sunday (beef soup, meat from the soup, horseradish, sauté potatoes). Also, other ingredients that are common in Slovenian cuisine can be found on their menu, like buckwheat porridge, cracklings, chicory… They also offer some local wines.

Figovec 1

Sa kolegama s posla, otišli smo tamo na pauzu za ručak. Sjeli smo u vrt. Naručim taj nedeljski obrok. Kad god smo tamo jeli složili smo se da nam oni posluže tradicionalni ukus. Cijena mog obroka je bila 8,40 €.

So if you would like to try something Slovenian, I suggest this place. Sat comfortably in their garden while staff can be a bit slow.

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