A little after midnight on the border between Serbia and Kosovo we are picked up from the bus. When we take our luggage, the bus took off. They don’t let us enter Serbia because we were not at the official crossing (Serbia does not recognize Kosovo). While it was snowing, we waited on the Kosovo side for 3.5 hours for the bus that drove oposite way to Pristina. It was fun in the beginning and I called home to explain what happened. When we boarded the bus after waiting in cold it was no longer fun for me. We were quite lucky from there on. After half an hour of waiting in Pristina, we were already on the bus to Skopje at 5:30. In Skopje, after 6 minutes of waiting, we were on the bus to Belgrade. In the meantime, we stopped briefly in Niš, where we bought something to eat. In Belgrade, we stopped at our already known hosts. In the evening we took the train at 21:50 for Ljubljana, 62 €.

Priština-Skopje-Niš-Belgrade 1
Priština-Skopje-Niš-Belgrade 2
Priština-Skopje-Niš-Belgrade 3
Priština-Skopje-Niš-Belgrade 4

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