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new year celebration in Tirana

Balkan 20.12.2008-4.1.2009

The decision was made to make a circle around the Balkans with Boško during the New Year’s holidays (Serbia, Romania, Moldova, Transnistria, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo) Money Each country has its own currency: Dinar...

bus station in Niš


A little after midnight on the border between Serbia and Kosovo we are picked up from the bus. When we take our luggage, the bus took off. They don’t let us enter Serbia because...

random photo in Priština


Day 14 – we woke up in snowy Prizren. We left for a haircut (1 €) and after tea/coffee at 12:30 we head towards Pristina. I didn’t like the place. We found out that...

bathroom doors in Prizren


We managed to find the place from which the minibusses go to Kukes. They didn’t drive on holiday, but we take a taxi (shared by two others) for 20 Euros per head. Of course,...