Panama-Costa Rica 2018

We saw some nice beaches, some nature, old towns; all in all good vibe. Trip to Panama and Costa Rica was nice but it had too much of the beach. It may sound weird not to enjoy in white sand, turquoise sea, palms. But for me, 2 days per trip is enough. For me was important to interact with people. Thank you Andreja and Vesna for sharing experience. Aleš in Nika, time went by easier with you on San Blas. Ricardo and Jerneja, thank you for meeting us in Madrid.


Prices were not that cheap, spent 1700 €, all included (flights, sleeping, food and drinks, …). Balboa is the national currency in Panama, equal to $. A colon is currency in Costa Rica, 700 for 1 €. A strong connection to the USA is reflected in tourism and prices in these countries. I would say prices are similar to what we have in Ljubljana


We have done around these 2 countries 2.000 km with buses (5$, 3 hours). We were on boat a few times (3h, 15$), touristic places. Flight distance both ways was 19.000 km (554 €, Iberia). A car ride to Venice and back to Ljubljana around 500 km (120 € with parking), many taxes (3-36 $). Even done 25 km on a bicycle (4 $, 3 hours). The railway system there is not OK. Tried metro in Panama City (0,35 $) and Madrid (8,6 €).


We slept from 10 $ up to 42 $ per night per person. Cheapest was a hostel in bad shape, lock on the door was semi-functional. In middle is a cabana with 3 meals for 26 $, wind, and send always. 5 * hotel with a pool for 38 $ and all but still not a quality of European ones. Expensive was Casa Nuratti/Gatto Blanco for 42 $, good location, well equipped. We slept twice on the bus, once no leg space, another time it was freezing cold.

Panama-Costa Rica 2018 1

Food and drink

Panama-Costa Rica 2018 2

Usually, you get rice, vegetables, and fish. The ceviche was 5 $, the steak was 10 $, and lobster was 15 $. We would have one big meal and grab something on the road when we were hungry. As for drinks, water 1,5 liter was 1,5 $, beer was from 3 to 6 $ (Pura Vida in Costa Rica), and Ron Abuelo in Panama (shot 3 $).

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Daily overview

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