Palermo Corleone

After a good sleep, shower, packing, and coffee we went out. It was windy. Špela visited a botanical garden (6 €) and we went to park and walked at the coast.

Palermo Corleone 1

From there we searched for coffee. Found a nice place in the sun, ate something with coffee. On our way to the station, another stop for arancini and cannoli, not the best one.

Palermo Corleone 2

With a bus (7.6€ return ticket) we moved to Corleone, interesting, hilly countryside. There most of the things were closed, checked the museum for free, dodgy guy ask us for help, walked in windy weather towards a waterfall, park, coffee, and limoncello at an only open place.

Palermo Corleone 3

Back to the city with the bus in the rain. In the city, they went shopping in Lidl for 30 min. Back to flat to chill a bit. At dinner at half-past 8, pasta and peace of meat with some red wine, not good cheesecake. In the apartment few minutes of TV and off to bed.

Palermo Corleone 4

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