Ljubljana Beograd 22

With coworkers Robert, Blaž, and Andrej we left the office around 16h. We stopped in Slovenia at the gas station and in Brežice for a quick drink with Jože.

Ljubljana Beograd 22 1

Passing border with Croatia took 20 min. Close to Zagreb was an accident. On the highway, there were many trucks overtaking each other. Serbian border was without problems, except for one bug. One quick stop at the gas station.

Ljubljana Beograd 22 2

Missed one exit and arrived at hotel Belgrade City (109 € 3 nights with breakfast, 9 € a minibar) close to the old train station. After checking in at 22h I met with Ivan, ex-coworker. I saw him for the first time in 5 years. First for quick dinner at Zavičaj restaurant, beef gulaš with mashed potatoes and beer, 20 €.

Ljubljana Beograd 22 3

After they closed we moved to Balkon bar. There was live music (recognized Magnifico song), some locals, some Czechs. We had nice chat about many topics and the last ones left the place last at 2:30. On way to the hotel took some money at ATM. Felt asleep around 3 h.

Ljubljana Beograd 22 4

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