Klagenfurt and Villach

With my sister’s family, we decided to make a daily trip to Austria. We started after noon. First, we stopped at Podljubelj, Karavla 297 inn. It was full so we got ourselves a drink before continuing. Now it was part with serpentine and big inclination, car bearly made it, queue on border?.

Klagenfurt and Villach 1

Around 15h we arrived at Klagenfurt, capital of Caranthen. We parked in Altstad – An old town that was once walled, free on Sundays. We took a walk there, on Neuer Platz a new square with a town hall and fountain with a dragon (a symbol of a city similar to Ljubljana). From there we walked around small streets and to Alter Platz – Old Square and further to the Theater. We stopped for a drink, 27 €. The city was really empty.

Klagenfurt and Villach 2

We moved on from the city towards Villach, and we chose a slower road on the south side of Worthsee. On our way we stopped at one resting point, some went to swim and jump from the swing.

Klagenfurt and Villach 3

After we continued to Villach, again parking by river Drava, for free. This city is smaller, again a circle around the old town, maybe impressive is the church bell tower almost 100m, tallest in the region.

Klagenfurt and Villach 4

We now turned toward home. Soon we were on the highway (vignette 9,9 €). Next was the Karavanke tunnel (7.8 €, 7.8 km). On the Slovenian side long queue for 9 km. We were now hungry and in Jesenice, we went to Das ist Valter – ćevapi place. After a quick meal in the nice setting, we drove home where we arrived around 21h. In general, nice family time.

Klagenfurt and Villach 5

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