InterContinental Ljubljana-luxury 5 stars

Hotel Intercontinental is currently the only hotel in Ljubljana with 5 stars. It is located at the intersection of Slovenska and Tivolska road, next to the so-called North Gate at the Bavarian Palace. The hotel with 20 floors offers 165 luxury rooms of three categories, Serenity spa and fitness on the 18th floor, club and meeting rooms on the 19th floor, and a restaurant and bar on the 20th floor.

intercontinental ljubljana
intercontinental ljubljana

Moja izkušnja

Since I still had an unused vacation from last year, I stayed home this week. Even the voucher we got during COIVD was still unused. The weather forecast was bad. Given these three facts listed, I had to choose something. I told myself I would spend the voucher on something I wouldn’t have visited otherwise. This is how the decision falls on hotel InterContinental Ljubljana – 5 stars in Ljubljana. I wanted to take with me niece and nephew because the price difference wouldn’t be big. But they would need to do tests, so I decide to go it alone. I didn’t need the test because I was already vaccinated.


On Wednesday afternoon I headed towards the hotel by city bus, I even had to run to catch my transport. Upon arrival at the reception, they had some trouble there to enter the voucher because now for half a year this has not been possible and they were a little out of practice. Otherwise, the staff was friendly and professional. I got a standard room on the 11th floor for € 110 (breakfast included for € 24 with some sort of discount).


Room 1101 has a view toward the west, you can see the castle, skyscraper, Slovenska road, … The room has everything you need: a huge and comfortable bed, TV, WiFi, wardrobe, safe, iron, minibar (empty), table with chair, armchair. The bathroom has a separate toilet, shower, huge bath (enough for 2), and cosmetics.

intercontinental room
intercontinental room

After I unpacked, I put on my swimsuit and bathrobe and headed to the pool on the 18th floor. It was necessary to announce the visit in advance because there is a limited number of attendees (COVID). On the north side, overlooking Tivoli, there is a jacuzzi for 6 people, 3 different saunas (Finnish, Turkish, infrared), 2 showers, and a few sun loungers. On the west side overlooking the castle is a swimming pool and a few chairs. There were a couple more people on arrival (mothers with children). After about half an hour I stayed alone and went to the sauna and pool a few times before I get enough. I reserved a massage after half an hour.

bazen intercontinental
pool intercontinental

I have just enough time to take a shower and change before I’m back on the 18th floor again. The staff is a little confused, but I still got my massage. The massage was a classic oil massage in a relaxed atmosphere. The Ukrainian masseuse has done it well, maybe on the back, she could pay more attention to certain places. I end up drinking more tea. This service costed me € 75.

spa intercontinental
spa intercontinental

Because of COVID, I couldn’t go to the restaurant as a tourist guest. And I wanted to try the dishes of a chef who was also noticed by Michelin. I went and ordered the juice in a bar (€ 4) and enjoy the view. Since I was still hungry, I decided to eat burek and yogurt at the legendary Olympia, which is only 100 meters away (the hotel restaurant also had burek on the menu). On the way back, I stopped at Mercator and bought chips for a later match.

olimpija burek
olimpija burek

A friend from my sister delivered me a laptop so I won’t be bored. The Champions League semi-final match began soon. PSG: Manchester City 1: 2, City was a bit lucky. I was not sleepy yet and I poured water into the bath and got soaked. I took my laptop and watched a movie there. I liked that big tub. The only problem is filling it up. Finally, it was time to go to bed.

banja, intercontinental
tub and movie, intercontinental

The next morning I woke up with an alarm at 6:30 (for work), turn it off, and had few more hours of sleep. I called room service to bring breakfast to my room. But the situation had changed since the day before and now I can go to a restaurant. For breakfast, it is possible to take something from the buffet (you choose, the waiter brings it to you) or from the menu. I opted for a menu and ordered an omelet with black truffles and pancakes with dark chocolate and prunes. I drunk grapefruit juice and green tea.


It was time for another visit to the 18th floor. I went to the gym first and run on an elliptical device for 10 minutes. I then moved to the pool where there was only one lady with her daughter. Again follows the routine sauna pool. After an hour I have enough and head back to the room. After the shower, I started packing and at 11 am I am already at the reception, for a check-out. I paied juice and tourist tax 7 €.

bazen, intercontinental
pool, intercontinental

Andreja arrives and we went for the last time to the terrace on the 20th floor. Of course, it doesn’t go smoothly here either, a non-guest can’t go inside. Then we found out that the terrace is OK and we went with the elevator up. They brought the bill, which I forgot at the reception. It just stopped raining and they wiped one table and brought us pillows. We sat there for almost two hours. The view is beautiful, but above all interesting, because you look at your hometown from a different perspective. We paied € 23 for fresh orange juice, espresso, soda water, and a cocktail. It was time to say goodbye.

terasa, intercontinental
terass, intercontinental

Summary InterContinental Ljubljana

The circumstances described above led me to go to a 5-star hotel in my hometown. I can say that it was a sympathetic experience and that I am not sorry. In any case, COVID had a negative impact on the whole experience. On the other hand, you are aware of the limitations and this does not cause too much bad blood. In my experience, this is a hotel that deserves to be in this category. Of all the 5 star hotels I’ve visited I would put this one in the middle. Here are some things I liked and some I didn’t.

PLUS InterContinental Ljubljana
  • view – a view of the hometown from a new perspective was the most beautiful part of the experience. no matter if on the 11th, 18th, or 20th, floor.
  • bath/tub – it was the biggest tub I have ever bathed in
  • breakfast – delicious, many options, beautiful view
MINUS InterContinental Ljubljana
  • staff at the spa – they spoke neither Slovenian nor English
  • the minibar was empty, refilled only on request
  • little things: inaccurate clock in the room, minor damage to equipment, …
  • COVID (complications, masks, no dinner, no nephews, …)

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