Inn KOS – Idrija

I had to go to the west of Slovenia for work. The day didn’t start well, I got up at 6am, half an hour later I was on the bus and arrived at the garage after an additional half an hour. There were no car keys there, but when the keys arrived, I had to refuel at the gas station, so I was on my way half an hour later. I got to Nova Gorica pretty quickly, but some coworkers were not ready for our project, and others finished by them selfs. I greeted my boss and co-workers and drove on to Tolmin, where our partner and I did what we had to, and after coffee, we drove to Idrija. Even there, we finished work without any problems.

gostilna Kos
Inn Kos

Now it was time for lunch. Everyone suggested the Kos inn in Tolmin. If so many people are proposing them, they should be good. We walked there, about 200m. The inn is located at a major crossroad in Idrija. When we got to the garden we saw that they are quite busy during lunch. We even wait a minute or so to get a place at one table that we share with another couple.

idrijski žlikrofi z jurčki
idrijski žlikrofi z jurčki

We see a daily offer for lunch, fish file and potato salad, beans with ham, all for 6 €. However, they are supposed to be known for žlikrofi here and since we are in Idrija, of course, this was my choice. This miners’ dish is supposed to be prepared according to the grandmother’s recipe. The dish is protected at the EU level and the dimensions of each piece are supposed to be 3x2cm, I didn’t check. I order the mushroom version for € 9. A large portion soon arrived. These stuffed pasta in the form of hats are delicious, the mushroom sauce is a little too strong and covered up much of the taste from žlikrofi. In conclusion, I can say that I was quite satisfied, big portion, for a reasonable price in a domestic atmosphere. They charged a little bit too much in the beginning, but they fixed it quickly.

Before me it was still road with serpentines to the home and, in addition, from Logatec onwards, there was a traffic jam on the highway.

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