DENIS & DENIS at kino Šiška

Denis & Denis, a synth-pop band from Rijeka that shaped the Yugoslav scene in the 80’s is returning with an original line-up, here is again singer Marina Perazić with Davor Tolja, who already had a revival with another singer on the 30th anniversary of the band. At Kino Šiška, we could hardly wait for their hits, such as ‘Program tvog kompjutera’, ‘Ja sam lažljiva’, ‘Soba23’ and

Tickets were in advance for € 17 and € 20 on the day of the concert. I was joined by two cousins Andreja and Vesna, who won tickets on the MMC prize question. Here they promoted the album Demo Tapes, with which they try to capture some past time.

The concert attracted an older audience (even older than me, but still lively and eager to have fun. Denis & Denis served with the expected hits, Marina had to do her best to stay under the spotlight but she didn’t gave up and lasted with the right energy until the end.

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