Bled, as the most recognizable tourist destination in Slovenia, was due for a visit again. Today is the last beautiful day before it will get cold and I wanted to use it well. It was time to spend some money in Slovenia and help our tourism a little. I ask my niece and nephew the day before and they joined me. We agreed to leave at 10 AM o’clock. However, I had a meeting with my former co-workers on Friday. So I was tired the next morning. Otherwise, I woke up at the right time, but everything went a little slower. The children also were late little. In the end, we started a little before noon. In the meantime, we replace the car. We arrive in Mlino after a 45-minute drive and work on the motorway near Naklo. The first problem is where to park. The inn next to the port only allows guests to park. So we have to drive to Pristava, where an hour of parking is 2 €. We walked back about 500 meters.

Bled 1

We boarded the pletna boat (15 € per person) and head across the lake towards the island. On the way there, the pletnar explains that there are currently 23 boats on the lake, that a new one costs up to € 20,000, that he rowed to the island 12 times a day on the busiest day, that this year is a bad season, that the lake has not frozen for 3 years, and … On arrival on the island, it was necessary to climb 99 (98?) stairs. We walked around and admired the view. The Baroque Church of the Assumption of Mary follows. A visit to the church and the bell tower costs 6 €, children 1 €. In the church, of course, we ring the bell 3 times for wish. We ascend to the tower where there is a large clock with a pendulum. From the top, there is a view of the lake and its surroundings. They were preparing for the wedding on the island. A shorter walk around the island and we are ready to return. Otherwise, we were scheduled for 45 minutes, but we got back to the boat probably in less than half an hour. The voyage in the opposite direction follows. Ducks were swimming in the lake. Now it is necessary to go back to the car.

Bled 2

If we were already in Bled, we went to the castle. When we reached the top, a security guard stopped us in the parking lot. Since the wedding party was in the inn at the castle – Jezeršek, it is not possible to park upstairs. An alternative was to park at the foot and after the ascent, be crowded with the wedding party. We decided not to carry out this part of the plan. A visit to Bled is not complete without ‘kremšnita‘ dessert. The most famous Slovenian dessert, which is a combination of Vojvodina and Austrian cuisine. Of course, the most famous place is the Park Hotel, from where the dessert itself originates and where there is a view of the lake. But on the recommendation from a person living there, we opt for the Šmon confectionery (3.3 €). I can say that he advised me well. The dough was light and brittle, the cream delicious, the waitress friendly, parking nearby free for half an hour. When we ate what we ordered, we enthusiastically bought a dessert for those who stayed at home and headed back. We arrived around 4pm. Nice trip with good, sunny weather and nice adventures. Tip – Avoid Saturdays because weddings can ruin your experience.

Bled 3

Suggestion for a full day trip:

  • Mala Osojnica or Ojstrica. Two hills to the west with a beautiful view of the lake and the castle. You need good footwear, some fitness and 1 hour to get up and down. Enthusiastic photographers said there they have beautiful sunrises
  • An island with a church. Go to the island with a ‘pletna’ from Mlino, an electric boat, or paddle yourself. Climb the stairs, ring the bell in the church and wish for something, enjoy the view from the bell tower, make a circle around the island. You need 1 hour to see it together with transport.
  • Kremšnita. Choose between the Park Hotel with a view and a 15 million experience or Šmon, which is a favorite of the locals. You will enjoy it anyway.
  • Bled Castle. By the time you get to the castle, it should already be lunchtime. Here you can enjoy the history of the castle and the cuisine of the Jezeršek inn
  • Bled Vintgar. End the day with a walk in the gorge through the wooden galleries above the water. This too will take you an hour.

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