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new year celebration in Tirana

Balkan 20.12.2008-4.1.2009

The decision was made to make a circle around the Balkans with Boško during the New Year’s holidays (Serbia, Romania, Moldova, Transnistria, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo) Money Each country has its own currency: Dinar...

cold train to Sofia, Bulgaria


This day is entirely dedicated to the move to Sofia. In the morning we take a minibus to Bucharest (8 hours drive, € 15). In the evening we arrived in Bucharest, we left with...

Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest 2

The next day we head again to the northern part of the city where there are palaces and museums. At the edge of the park, we find a bar where beer is € 1.3....

parlament in Bucharest, Romania


In the morning after Bucharest, we search for a hostel quite unsuccessfully. Lonely Planet is not helpful. In the 4-year-old editions, one hostel has now been moved and another shutdown. However, they are very...

sleeping on train to Romania


Ana and Guta took us to Kamelija and Nikola where we ate stuffed peppers. In the afternoon we movde to the train to Bucharest (departure 15.55, price 35 Eur). The compartment was empty and...