Kostanjevica na Krki is smallest town in Slovenia

Kostanjevica na Krki – walk (video)

This town from the 13th century with about 700 inhabitants is located on an island in the Krka River. There are interesting places next to the island, two churches of St. Nicholas and St. Jakoba, Cistercian monastery, Formaviva, Kraków forest, Kostanjevica cave and the thickest willow tree in Slovenia

hotel grad Chateaux Otočec sign

Chateaux Otočec hotel

Chateaux Otočec was the choice for the weekend where I spent my COVID-19 vouchers. I had 400 € and it wasn’t clear if they will be valid next year. We tried glamping in Ribno...

hay stack - toplak, Šentrupert, Dolenjska, Slovenia

Dolenjska – best 9

Dolenjska (Lower Carniola) is a region in the southeast of Slovenia, between Ljubljana and Croatia, bordered by river Kolpa in the south, river Sava in the north, and Gorjanci hills in the east. Here...

Krka river, Dolenjska, Slovenia

Trip to Žužemberk, Otočec, Kostanjevica

On Sunday morning, Vida and I set off from Ljubljana with her orange arrow to Dolenjska. The first stop is Žužemberk, the mansion has been partially renovated, inside we saw an exhibition about lynx...