Flag of Albania

Albania is country in south-east Europe

new year celebration in Tirana

Balkan 20.12.2008-4.1.2009

The decision was made to make a circle around the Balkans with Boško during the New Year’s holidays (Serbia, Romania, Moldova, Transnistria, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo) Money Each country has its own currency: Dinar...

bathroom doors in Prizren


We managed to find the place from which the minibusses go to Kukes. They didn’t drive on holiday, but we take a taxi (shared by two others) for 20 Euros per head. Of course,...

new year celebration in Tirana


In the morning we went to the market for ćevapi and beer. From there we moved to Kruje by bus. After visiting the fortress, we returned to Tirana. The weather was sunny and quite...

Ohrid lake, Macedonia


The Croats we met in the hostel took us with bus to Ohrid with a delay. Boško needs a stop. We made one round by the lake, ate burek and yogurt, and went on...