Sushimama restaurant

I wanted to eat some sushi after few months and decided to visit best japanese restaurant in Ljubljana. Also ranking high in general among restaurants and you can find them in Michjelin guid.

Sushimama restaurant 1

Short walk from work to Wolf steet. I reserved table inside at 16h for one person online. On arrival inside was empty so I chose nice corner table. Furniture is minimalistic and with straight lines. You can see chef at work at open kitchen.

Sushimama restaurant 2

With help of waitress I ordered tempura as starter, few sashimi and combo of negri and maki. For drink, some ice tea and sake. Tempura arrived soon and it was hot, two pieces of shrimp in bater.

Sushimama restaurant 3

After this appertizer soon followed plate with sushi, 3+3 maki, 5 nigiri (tuna, squid, salmon, mackerel, ) and 9 sashimi (tuna, salmon,).

I started with veggi maki and continued slowly toward sashimi. Everything was great, maybe salmon was little soft and I could use more ginger because of all different tastes.

Sushimama restaurant 4

I finished with mango puding for dessert. With tip I paid 73 €. A bit expensive but worth it, good service, nice environment, high quality ingredients with appropriate presentation.

How to eat sushi

  • Pour some soy sauce into tray
  • Put a pinch of wasabi on sushi
  • Dip sushi in soy sauce( fish-side)
  • Take a sip of sake
  • Take a piece of ginger (between different tastes)
  • Repeat until finished

Some additional pointers: You can eat it with chopsticks, hand or even fork. If you choose chop sticks, don’t rub them, this would be disrespectful. Don’t mix wasabi into soy sauce. Don’t dip rice side of sushi in soy sauce.

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