Slovenia:Northern Ireland 4:2

On the last day, I remembered that there was a match and I wrote to my nephew if we should go watch it. He was not too enthusiastic, he had some obligations. In the end, I somehow convinced him and bought 2 tickets behind the goal (€40 a ticket, a very high price). My sister took us to Stožice. When she dropped us off, we already heard Zdravljica and picked up our pace. My nephew is in a hurry to go to the toilet, so we enter a few minutes after the start, just long enough to miss the first goal (Šeško passes to Šporar).

The stadium is quite full, 12,600 people. Of those, there must have been at least 2,000 fans from Northern Ireland. It’s the first time I’m sitting behind the goal, it’s a different feeling, the net doesn’t bother me too much and we’re quite high up where the view over the field is good. We barely sit down well and the opponent equalizes (Oblak saves the first shot, which is then hit by Price).

10 minutes later, the Slovenian leadership again. With a bit of luck, Stojanović gets past Brown and his shot is diverted by Evans for 2:1. Our side was still better and in the 36th minute, Šporar scored from an offside. Now it’s time for Šeško’s masterpiece, where he set the score to 3:1 from within 16 meters from the turn. The score does not change until the end of the half. During the break we went for a drink (€9).

We started well in the second half, but Šeško only hit the crossbar from 5 meters. Evan, on the other hand, scored after the indecisive intervention of the defense for 3:2. The Irish got a rush, which our team quickly stopped with another goal. With an excellent deep pass, Šeško employs Šporar, who beats the goalkeeper and it’s already 4:2.

Our team then pulled back a little towards the goal and the opponent had a few shots on goal, but none were strong enough to beat Oblak. In overtime, Šporar was prevented from scoring a hat-trick by the defense with a clearance almost off the line. Soon it’s all over and Slovenia registers 3 new points. A roaring greeting from the stands for the home heroes and it’s time to say goodbye. My sister brought us home around 11 pm.

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