Paris #2

It was late waking up for me at 9 AM. After some tea, I went to Luxembourg park with Sylvia and Arthur.

Paris #2 1
Luxembourg park

There Arthur played with toy ships in the pond. Later he went to the playground where there is a paid entrance, 2,5 €? I left them there and continued to discover the city on my own. For public transport, I bought 3x daily ticket for 11,2 € (while I stayed for more than 3 days, I should have bought a weekly ticket).

Paris #2 2

First, it was cemetery Montparnasse where I bought some souvenirs 4 €, passed Pantheon that was being renewed. In Latin Quarter I passed Paris University.

Paris #2 3

Bought 1kg banana 2 € from street vendor. Drunk a coffee 3,1 € in St Germain.

Paris #2 4

Observed Notre dame from outside, set on the bank of Sein with my bare feet.

Paris #2 5
Paris #2 6

Next, it was Pont Neuf and Pont des Artes, Louvre was overcrowded so I left it for another time.

Paris #2 7
Paris #2 8

After I passed Hotel de Ville I went for kebab 5,5 € and 1,5 l water for 1,5 €.

Paris #2 9

Passing Opera on my way to Tuileries Gardens where I rested.

Paris #2 10

I crossed Alexander Bridge with some really nice details.

Paris #2 11

After Place de la Concorde with an obelisk, Grand and Petit Palais, Champs Elysees it was time to return home.

Paris #2 12

On my trip home the first train was non-operational and I missed the second one. Finally, I find my way home at 20h. The risotto was for diner and after that, it was time for memory lane about Mongolia were we met, we had a nice chat. I went to bed at 23h.

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