Panama City-San Blas

After partying long in the night waking at 5 am was a challenge we were not up to. Good thing that Tony came and woke us up.

Panama City-San Blas 1

After quick packing, it was time for 4WD (70$ both ways) drive on a winding road. At the pier, we met Slovenian couple Aleš in Nika. On the boat we got soaking wet, at the beginning it was fun but in the end, it was quite annoying. They could say something about it so we would wear a swimsuit, hide electronic devices, etc.

Panama City-San Blas 2

Franklin island-Cabaña Tubasenika in San Blas archipelago is a small place (180 m x 120 m) run by Guna indigenous people. After we settled in a cabana (26 $, 3 meals included) it was time for lunch (rice, salad, fish).

Panama City-San Blas 3

Later we chilled at the beach. Before dinner, we changed cabana, while first lacked 1 bad. While it was two nights without enough sleep we just turn in early and missed engagement party and bonfire.

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