Orkester Slovenskih Železnic and Balkan Boys

Matjaž brought me a ticket the day before the concert of the Slovenske Železnice Orchestra and Balkan Boys in Linhart Hall, Cankarjev dom. It’s the last minute and only one ticket, but I think why not. I left home by car, it’s raining lightly, I parked somewhere where it’s not allowed. I entered the hall just before 7:00 p.m. Boris and his better half are sitting in front of me.

Godba Slovenskih železnic Cankarjev dom
Godba Slovenskih železnic Cankarjev dom

The band of Slovenske Železnice Zidani Most exists for more than 120 years. They opened with a percussive insert in the dark and glowing sticks. The event is connected by Bernarda Žarn. Soon the stage is filled with almost 70 members of the band under the Franci Lipovšek. They play a typical orchestral set, there’s also a piece with a tuba in the foreground

Then they are joined on stage by the bend Balkan boys. Even the entrance is noisier. The boys mix the sounds of guča, jazz, Latino rhythms. Otherwise, they don’t convince me, but the audience gets lively and participates nicely. After 2 hours, the cocncer is over and I’m already rushing to the party from Gea college in Sputnik, where I chat with my colleagues from the department before heading home.

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