Massimo 20.7.2018 in Novigrad

I am on vacation in Barbariga with my nephews and brother-in-law. I want a little change and drive in the afternoon to Andreja to the “forest” – a trailer in the forest near Lovrečica, in Babići. Vesna is already there. We are thinking about where to go in the evening. Someone brought up that Massimo Savić is singing tonight in one of the hotels and that there is no entrance fee. Matej joins us and we go with his van to Hotel Nautica.

The concert itself is in an interesting atmosphere on the terrace. Guests are 2 meters away from the singer. In the meantime, you can walk to the bar located nearby. Massimo certainly fascinates with his voice full of pain even when performing live. He communicates well with the audience. He presents some songs from the new Sada album. But the highlight are the old songs, such as “Sjaj u tami” from the time of the band Dorian Gray. The concert is not bad, but it ends too soon.

Sjaj u tami – Massimo Savić

Now we are thinking about where to go next. Since “Croatia open” is at this time, we go to the place where there is again a party, crowd, DJs. After a while I get lost with the rest of crew. In the morning hours, I walked towards Babić and hitchhike on my way. I rested a little before heading back to Barbariga.

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