Koh Phi Phi-Koh Lanta

After returning to the hostel there was no time to sleep, just packed and to the boat at 5 AM. The first stop was Maya beach and at that time it was empty.

Koh Phi Phi-Koh Lanta 1

After a few hours when we left it was packed already. The next stops were for snorkeling.

Koh Phi Phi-Koh Lanta 2

Than for swimming. Seeing some cave with monkeys and we were back.

Koh Phi Phi-Koh Lanta 3

Barbara went to the hostel to collect a key deposit. We boarded the ferry to Koh Lanta, a bit of sleep there. After arriving we went for a beer so pier would clear.

Koh Phi Phi-Koh Lanta 4

With a tuk-tuk (100 THB) we went to meet Vesna. She took us to a great place to stay, Hutyee boat bungalows (500 THB per night).

Koh Phi Phi-Koh Lanta 5

The place was nice, close to the beach, the family was really welcoming. I brought gifts (handmade necklace, soap, and hammock) from Slovenia to Vesna while she had a birthday just a few days before.

Koh Phi Phi-Koh Lanta 6

Later we went to the beach, Pangea bar with a hammock for a beer. Probably the nicest sunset on the trip.

Koh Phi Phi-Koh Lanta 7

Sisi joined us, we went for pad thai. I fell asleep in a bungalow, girls went out but came back for me. It was electronic music at the Corner bar and I was not in great shape, we were late back again.

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