Hot Grill in Ljubljana

On foot again to physiotherapy and again looking for somewhere to eat on the way. This time I decided on the Hot Grill (9h-22h, tel: 030 325 672) fast food along Vilharjeva cesta. A typical Balkan fast food provider. There is a cook and a cashier in the kiosk, a couple of tables and chairs outside between the road and the railway, anyway most people take their order to go, but the guests are characters. The menu includes typical Leskovac specialties, pleskavica, čevapcici, sausage, as well as breaded cheese and chicken steak.

Hot Grill in Ljubljana 1
Hot Grill – menu

I ordered čevapčiče in a lepinja-bun. They’re not exactly leskovački, they’re shorter, and I got 5 of them. For the sauce, I took the urnebes – a hot spread – which should be made of kajmak and hot peppers, but it’s mostly ajvar, chili powder and a little kajmak. There is also a salad on the side, I took the mixed one. The taste was average, the size of the čevapčič is not large, but they come with a side dish and you are full at the end for €6. You don’t come here for a culinary excess, but to eat something quickly after returning from anywhere by train and you are hungry.

Hot Grill in Ljubljana 2
Hot Grill čevapčiči s prilogo

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  1. Eduardo Osorio says:

    Looks delciious!