Bijelo Dugme met came together for their 40th anniversary and stopped over in Ljubljana on June 18, 2016 at 8 pm at the Ilirija training ground as part of the ‘Ko ne poludi taj nije normalan’ tour. In addition to Ljubljana, the tour included Frankfurt, Opatija, Bihač, Tuzla, Belgrade, … A total of 45 venues in 2 years. Only Goran Bregović, Alen Islamović and Mladen Vojičić – Tifa performed. However, Željko Bebek and other members of the band were not here due to their disagreement with Bregović, who announced his last performance as an unforgettable party in a great atmosphere.

They made things a bit more complicated with the price of tickets. From 14 April 2016 tickets at a special price of 19 EUR, from 29 April 22 EUR, from 9 May to 9 June at a price of 25 EUR, from 9 June to 17 June 29 EUR and on the day of the concert 35 EUR. Otherwise we delayed with decision and got them for € 29. Tone, Alenka and I appeared in the intor band and stayed until in the end. An estimated 10,000 people attended the concert.

Bijelo dugme – Ilirija

The beginning of the concert was accompanied by a video projection of the band from the 70s and 80s. Of course, their many evergreen pieces were performed here, “Lažeš zlato”, “Na zadnjem sjedištu moga auta”, “Hajdemo u planine”, “Lipe cvatu”. Bregović returned to the encore with a guitar, where Alen and Tifa “” sing together Ružica si bila and Ima neka tajna veza.

Bad concert

But why was this one of the worst concert experiences in my life? It started with the band, which performed poorly with even worse sound system. When Bijelo dugme climbed on stage, they were missing most of the former members. The songs themselves were arranged by Bregović in a new ethno style. People didn’t come to listen to that, but at least if it sounded good. The singers and bend were each in their own rhythm and were not synced. Tifa couldn’t sing one whole song because his vocals would broke earlier. He found his way out by letting the audience sing most of lyrics. Alen was perhaps the only bright spot.

Bregovic said this was his last appearance. I wrote on one of the forums that I hope it is really the last one, because this is not the band we have been listening to for the last 40 years. Most agreed. Those in the front rows in the crowd were emersed in nostalgia in the crowd and they didn’t care what was going on the stage. Unfortunately, this was a very poor performance, which I blame Bregović for, because he destroys everything with his own ethno fetish. I heard years later that they were still performing. I hope they are at least a little more coordinated.

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