I didn’t sleep well, woke up at 5h, packed, and after showering left at 6h to evade the morning traffic jam. From empty Baku, I drove to the north and stopped in a few places before arriving in Ganja.

Juma mosque at Shamakhi, Azerbaijan
Juma mosque at Shamakhi, Azerbaijan

On my way, I stopped at the gas station. They wanted to pour Super instead of Regular gasoline. While gas was so cheap I said let’s try if there is a benefit from it, but there was no difference, so I paid 82 AZM=44 € (I paid double the price). The first point was Diri Baba mausoleum. But it was closed until 8 am and I couldn’t enter. But what I could see from far it was still interesting. A mausoleum was built into the cliff. Later cop fined me for not completely halting at a stop sign. I asked if is possible to let me go so I paid the half price without a ticket, 30 AZM=16 €.

Baku-Ganja 1

Next was the big Juma mosque at Shamakhi from the 8th century, the oldest in the region, had many reconstructions in this time, and some nice details there. I gave 5 AZM=2.5 € to charity. On the road, I took 2 times to rest from driving. First was time to eat, the lady was making some bread filled with greens, 2 pieces I paid 5 AZM=2.5 €. Later I took a break and doze off for 30 minutes. Also, I saw a big accident in the rear window, a car flying in the air, …

Next was Sheki, driving uphill to the fort was a challenge. On arrival I had a problem with parking 1 AZM=0.5 €, but finally got space. Most of the tourists there are locals. There are many different buildings (museum, palace, bazaar, …). I bought souvenires, 5 AZM=2.5 €. In line in front of Shaki kan palace, there was a long line, and one girl fainted in the sun. So I lost interest in waiting to enter the building, it doesn’t look special from the outside but later saw some photos and it looked really colorful inside.

Close to Sheki, there is the village of Kish. It is famous for the Caucasian Albanians Church of Saint Elishe from the 12th century and was rebuilt in 2000. To church, there is really a bad road. I experimented with the route and got into interesting roads. I arrived at church but scratched a car on my way there a bit.

Baku-Ganja 2

From there I passed the city of Sheki because I was tired already. It took some more driving to Ganja. In the city, there was again a traffic jam. At one moment I had enough and just packed somewhere car by the road, a few hundred meters from the accommodation. I walked the rest of the way. But no one was there, I tried writing on WhatsApp and saw some missed messages from the owner.

At last, I got into Huseyn Houses, 15 AZM=8 €. I got a bed in a shared room but I was alone. In the next room, there was an older Chinese couple. I rested a bit before going into the town. First to the ATM, then to one place to eat. I ordered dolma (stuffed tomato, pepper, and wine leaves) and some salad. Got some bread, yogurt with garlic and tea 8 AZM=4 €. We watched a wrestling competition on TV, Azerbaijan competitor one bronze medal and all were happy with it.

Later I walked around town (Shah Abbas Mosque from the 17th century, Chokak Hamam, park, City Hall, and bottle house). Before returning to my room, I had one baklava 2 AZM=1 €. In return, I paid to the owner.

Baku-Ganja 3

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