ACH Volly Ljubljana VS Fonte bastardo 3:1 CEV Challenge 1/4

ACH played in Tivoli against the Fonte bastardo second quarterfinal match for the CEV Challenge. Nomago being a sponsor got me 3 tickets. I also invite Zlatko & Igor, a teammate from recreational volleyball. I prolong working and head across the road to Tivoli. I was there too early so I went for a Horse burger and beer (€ 10). Soon my colleagues joined me and we go to the hall.

There was free seating in the hall, only the West Stand was open and every other seat was available. We sat somewhere in the middle and a little higher where there was a better view of the whole field. There’s really not enough room in these seats for my size. We are joined by Boštjan, who brought his grandson to pick up the balls in the match. Occupancy in the hall is poor (part of the west stand in every other seat), but the atmosphere is right, where young fans are watching enthusiastically the whole match.

ACH opened the first set with an excellent 6 point lead. Next, the advantage increased and they won a 25: 9 set. It looked like it will be a walk in the park, but in the second set it gets complicated, the teams take turns in the lead and in the end the guests win the set in an extended game 27:29. The third set is fairly even but ACH firmly holds the lead and wins 25:22. In the last set, it was even a little easier and they won 25:21. Everyone in the hall cheered standing the last point, the great atmosphere from the whole match to its peak. With this, ACH secures a place in the semifinals.

After the match we go to the Union pub

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