After late night I woke up at 9 am and wasn’t feeling too good so I prolonged it to 10 pm. After showering and washing dishes I went out into Tbilisi. For breakfast, I had two bananas, 3.5 GEL=1 €, too much. First I drove with Bolt 7 GEL=2.5 € to the other side of the river and to check the big Holy Trinity Cathedral, interior was not finished, nice view from there to the other side of the river. It was very windy.

Holy Trinity cathedral Tbilisi Georgia
Holy Trinity Cathedral Tbilisi Georgia

Through small streets, I moved downhill, nice old houses on the way. Impressive new buildings and crossing the Nikoloz Baratashvili Bridge. Close by I found the restaurant “I Love Georgia” and tried some local food (chicken soup, beef stew, and a few khinkati-how to it them), 40 GEL=14 €. It was located in the basement, and the owner gave me half a liter of wine gratis and arrival, an interesting atmosphere, met a Russian teacher.

Tbilisi 1

From there I moved to the old town and continued up the steep hill to the 4th-century Narikala fortress for a great view of other side of the river.

Tbilisi 2

When I descended back I met a German couple (Kati und Tim) in the park with Sofiko Chiaureli Statue. We went to reserve a car for the next 2 days, 80 $ and 200 GEL=70 € deposit.

Tbilisi 3

We walked together for some time and then I continued alone towards stadium Boris Paichadze Dinamo Arena. There should be a game, but while they were renovating the arena there was no game and I walked for nothing, also gift shop was closed. But at least I saw some different neighborhoods on my way. I used the bus and metro on my way back, crowded, with 5 GEL (2 GEL cards and 1 GEL per ride).

In the shop across from Fraiser’s apartment, I bought cigarettes, beer, and toilet paper, 21 GEL. At the apartment I repacked, had a shower and soon after Fraser came, he also brought some beer. So it was time to sit by the table with beer and this time try to find the worst Balkan song, some strong candidates we had.

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