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India – Nepal 18.8-8.9.2010

I was planning to do a road trip across the United States but others changed their mind and decided to do just the West coast. So I decided to join Boško in India. I...

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Towards New Delhi

We arrived at Mahendranagar (Bhimdatta) at 8:00. Another local bus to border 15 NRs, we changed what we had of local currency. Drunk a coffee and tea. At crossing border, we had to wake...

rest in pokhara, nepal

Moving toward India

Waking up at 7:45 and into the slow, rainy morning we chilled at the hostel. Internet, coffee, beer, lunch. Boško went for a run. At 13:00 we had our bus. It was a 19-hour...

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We took a night bus to Pokhara. We thought we will get some sleep overnight. It was a mistake. The bus was in bad shape. Halfway there we stopped for 4 hours waiting for...

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We arrived at Kathmandu at 1:00. With french girls and Argentinian, we found a hotel. Nothing to eat there except muesli and coke to drink. We went to bed and Julia Roberts was on...

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Move to Nepal

In the morning we arrived in Gorakhpur. We took a bus to Sunauli border crossing. After a coke and smoke, we walked over the border. In India, clerks took some time. We ran to...